Biogen has added another ‘swalty’ option to its popular Peckish Much? Protein-enriched snack range with new Biogen Peckish Much? Protein Peanut Butter Flavoured Pretzels.

This sweet and salty snack option is made with crunchy, lightly salted oven-baked (not fried) pretzels and are enveloped in a protein-enriched peanut butter-flavoured coating, offering a delightful combination of contrasting flavours and textures.

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Available at Dis-Chem stores and online at in a convenient 60g snack pack, these crunchy pretzels deliver 9,1g of protein per serving, offering the ideal protein boost during your day or a delicious snack you’re feeling peckish.

The latest ‘smart snack’ in the Biogen Peckish Much? range adds to the other unapologetically indulgent high-protein treats for those who feel peckish at any time of the day, including the protein-enriched milk chocolate-coated pretzels.

Additional snack options include the Biogen Peckish Much? Snacker Biscuit with Protein and the Biogen Peckish Much? Protein Choc-Coated Rice Cakes.