USN Qhush Platinum Black is now available in on-the-go convenience sachets, making it easier to push your body to its limits and reach your fitness goals.

The new flagship pre-workout supplement in the USN range increases energy and muscle pumps, making it possible to train at higher intensities for longer to break through plateaus and achieve peak strength while maintaining the ultimate concentration levels.

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Product benefits:

  • Extreme performance.
  • Massive muscle pumps.
  • Rapid energy with no crash.
  • Intense focus and concentration.

Each serving delivers 250 mg caffeine to support metabolism and lower perceived effort, 1,000 mg arginine AKG to support N.O production for muscle pumps and vasodilation, and 5,000 mg L-citrulline malate to boost blood flow and endurance.

Additional ingredients include beta-alanine, which may improve endurance, betaine nitrate to enhance athletic performance by enhancing metabolism, and the amino acids L-tyrosine and L-theanine for better mental focus and energy.

Available in Sour Candy and Ice Blue Burst flavours from and Dis-Chem stores.