ALL9™ Amino, the full-spectrum amino acid drink from USN with the nine essential amino acids your body needs but cannot produce naturally, is now available in a Sour Worms flavour at Dis-Chem stores.

This refreshing sugar-free drink is the ideal option to eliminate sweet cravings, with ingredients that maintain hydration, boost strength, endurance and stamina, and aid recovery.

Each serving contains 4,000 mg BCAAs, 820 mg EAAs, and 1,300 mg L-glutamine.

Additional flavours include Grape Fizzy Pop, Green Jelly Bean, Mystery, Nectarine Nova, Blueberry Rascals, Pineapple, and Pearl White Strawberry. The Nectarine Nova, Blueberry Rascals, Grape Fizzy Pop, Sour Worms and Pineapple flavours are not Halaal certified. Green Jelly Bean and Mystery flavours are Halaal certified. Available in 165 g and 330 g tubs.