Look out for a range of trusted NPL supplements sporting a refreshed look and updated contemporary design with striking new packing and updated tub sizes.

NPL Anabolic Whey

A hardcore high-quality protein shake to support lean muscle gain, with 27 g of protein per serving and other key ingredients to promote anabolism and enhance muscle protein synthesis. The volumising stack contains creatine monohydrate for increased strength and performance and ingredients which may stimulate natural growth hormone production.

NPL Casein Slow Release Night Time Protein

Provides 22 g of high-quality, slow release protein per serving to supply recovering muscles with a steady stream of amino acids for up to seven hours. Ideal for use overnight, with 5,000 mg L-glutamine for improved recovery and a low sugar content.


NPL Plant Protein

A 100% organic protein supplement formulated with a comprehensive blend of five easily digestible plant-based protein sources to support a vegan lifestyle. This high-quality biologically available plant-based protein promotes recovery and lean muscle maintenance with 22 g of protein per serving. Free from soy, wheat, gluten and animal products, high in fibre, and fortified with essential vitamins and minerals.

NPL Pro Test

Formulated using natural ingredients that work in synergy to support testosterone production. Pro Test may promote muscle protein synthesis to support lean muscle development, and may help elevate mood and energy levels, manage stress and improve sleep quality by aiding cortisol control and oestrogen regulation. Additional potential benefits include sustained virility and improved libido.

NPL Platinum Whey Plus

A blend of highly bioavailable proteins that include seven plant-based sources, delivering 25 g of protein per serving. This high-protein supplement has a multi-stage release profile that prolongs amino acid availability in the bloodstream, which may facilitate improved muscle recovery and growth. Wheat-, soy- and gluten-free.