As an athlete who earned national colours for long-distance and cross country running at school, fitness and active living have always formed the focal point in Elouise Ohm’s lifestyle, with CrossFit her new focus.

After graduating, her competitive spirit and passion for exercise drew Elouise to the worlds of CrossFit and functional fitness, and a career as a fitness professional.

Athlete stats:

  • Lives: Benoni
  • Height: 1.73 m
  • Weight: 60 kg
  • Age: 27
  • Profession: Sport conditioning coach
  • Instagram: elouiserohm_

A platform for success

In 2020, she entered the Biogen Face of Fitness because she wanted to join a tribe of women who remind others to stop settling and start living.

I believe that fitness brings us together and that by choosing health, you choose to empower yourself. I entered the competition because I have a calling to induce a spark of joy in people’s lives. I want to leave a positive lasting impression on others and I want women to feel that they are enough,” explains Elouise.

During the popular cover model search competition, Elouise secured a spot in the top six, which earned her a place at the glamorous final photo shoot.

I established a strong relationship with the Biogen team during the competition and became a #TeamRed member with a personal athlete sponsorship and a brand partnership that extends to our MHC Fitness Centre in Benoni.”

Since qualifying as a sports conditioning coach, Elouise has worked with her husband, who is the head coach and owner of MHC Fitness Centre.

His belief in my potential and support have propelled my functional fitness journey beyond my expectations.”

In her role, Elouise is committed to the growth and development of children as a functional fitness coach. After recognising the importance of holistic movement for youngsters, she focuses on developing fine and gross motor skills among her young client base, and also organises mini OCR races for kids to get them active.

Challenging body and mind

Elouise is also focused on continuing to develop her own athletic abilities, with constant self-improvement her main goal, while prioritising her long-term health and well-being as well.

CrossFit and functional fitness have expanded my body’s movement capabilities, allowing me to engage in diverse activities. This type of training also instilled in me the ability to embrace discomfort and tackle challenges that others might shy away from by learning to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

Elouise engages in CrossFit six times a week, performing two sessions a day at least four times a week. She dedicates her morning to endurance workouts and prioritises strength training in the afternoon.

She enjoys a variety of endurance-like workouts, blending core exercises with wall balls and incorporates cardio equipment like the NikeErg or Assault AirBike. She mixes in some running and rig work to add a dynamic element to her training routine.

My body excels in the later afternoons, making it the ideal time for weight training and high-intensity workouts.”

Drawing on her background as a long-distance runner, she incorporates short running workouts into her high-intensity workout routines.

This fusion allows me to blend the endurance aspect with the dynamic challenges of CrossFit,” she adds.

Fuelled to perform

Elouise focuses on eating to fuel her body for these intense training sessions and multiple workouts throughout the day while embracing diet flexibility to maintain a balanced lifestyle.

I have discovered that a low-carb, high-protein diet is the most effective approach for me as it aligns with my fitness goals, which is why I have made this way of eating a consistent part of my lifestyle.”

While she doesn’t have a dedicated cheat meal, she still enjoys the occasional snack, whether it’s biscuits, chips, something salty, or indulging in something sweet.

As a #TeamRed athlete, Elouise supports her diet with a range of Biogen supplements, taking Biogen Rage Thermo and Biogen Beta-Alanine before sessions for added energy and a performance boost.

Sometimes I include Biogen Peak VO2 Endurance Booster for additional support and enhanced fatigue resistance during my training.”

Elouise boosts her protein intake with Biogen Iso-Whey Premium, which she uses in her protein pancakes, and uses Biogen Salt Tablets to replace electrolytes after hard training sessions.

Elouise\s Biogen supplement stack also includes:

A positive influence

Elouise exudes positivity in all aspects of her life because she firmly believes that only you are in control of yourself and your destiny.

You always have a choice, and I choose to have a positive attitude. This mindset ensures that I feel strong mentally and that I give 100% towards pursuing a healthy lifestyle and my love for fitness.”

And her consistent pursuit of health drives Elouise to be the best version of herself in every aspect of life.

I believe it is your determination and persistence that makes you a successful person. And I want everyone to experience the feelings that come with striving to constantly improve on who you were yesterday. After all, we are what we repeatedly do and not what we say we will do.”

Fast facts:

  • Favourite sweet treat: Wine gums, gummy sweets, or fudge
  • Favourite music for training: Any ‘vibey’ music that puts me in a positive and energetic mood during workouts
  • In her gym bag: Extra clothing for her twice-a-day training routine.