The USN Body Makeover Challenge is one of the most popular and longest-running body and lifestyle transformation challenges in South Africa.

The structured 12-week plan combines exercise, nutrition and supplementation in a sustainable approach to help participants achieve their transformation goals, with the guidance on offer about the appropriate way to eat a key to success, according to two successful 2023 participants.

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The formula for success

USN Body Makeover Challenge finalist and People’s Choice Award winner Daren Denholm breaks down the formula for success when following the effective transformation plan.

“There is a scientific formula for losing weight and getting in shape. Ultimately it comes down to creating a 500-calorie deficit.

Based on his experience, Darren says this entails tracking and controlling your calorie intake daily (which gets faster and easier the more you do it), trying to find the right macronutrient ratio, and training sufficiently.

“My macro split was 50% protein, 30% good, low GI carbs and 20% healthy fats, and I trained in the gym 4 to 5 times a week. If you follow that basic formula, most people can lose 1 kg every week. Do this for 12 weeks consistently, and you will be 12 kg lighter.”

About Daren

  • Age: 41
  • Lives: KZN, North Coast
  • Weigh before: 90 kg
  • Weight after: 77,8 kg
  • Favourite USN product: USN BlueLab Whey Protein

“It is the best product on the market and tastes delicious!”

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Create a deficit to lose weight

The 2023 USN Body Makeover Challenge Male Winner, Shane Peterson, echoes this advice.

“It is all about understanding the calories your body needs daily. When you track the calories you consume and burn through exercise, you can create a deficit to lose weight.”

But it’s not just as simple as calories in versus calories out, cautions Shane, and it is certainly not about starving yourself.

It’s about eating regular meals and choosing foods and supplements rich in nutrients but low in calories. It is important to also understand what your body needs in terms of the right balance of protein, carbs and fats.”

The USN approach also allows you to adopt a lifestyle you enjoy with food options that don’t make it feel like it’s a diet, explains Shane.

“I really enjoyed my meals and didn’t feel like I was punishing myself in any way.”

Going through this process helped Shane understand how he became overweight in the first place. “The process takes time and discipline, so don’t look for instant results, and trust the process!”

About Shane

  • Age: 43
  • Lives: KZN, North Coast
  • Weight before: 78.5kg
  • Weight after: 68.2kg
  • Instagram: the_lean_dad_sa
  • Facebook: Shane Peterson
  • Favourite product: USN BlueLab Whey Protein

“I love eating oats every morning and the different flavours keep it interesting. My favourite flavour is Buttermilk.”