The extensive Slimz supplement range supports your metabolism and accelerates results to create a slimmer, stronger and healthier you, and is now available from your local Dis-Chem or online.

The range recently received a stylish makeover, and now it’s your turn! Each product in the range is formulated with a variety of natural herbal, active and clinically-tested ingredients for safe and effective weight-loss results.

Curb cravings and hunger

Curb those sugar cravings with Slimz Sweet No More, which contains a substance called Gymnema sylvestre that may reduce your ability to taste sweetness, consequently making sweet foods less appealing. This can lead to reduced sugar cravings and help you reduce your daily intake.

Other appetite suppressants like Slimz Eat-Less Capsules contain Grains of Paradise and citrus bioflavinoids, delivering a fast-acting formula that stabilises and normalises blood sugar levels to reduce cravings and hunger.

By reducing feelings of hunger and cravings, these supplements empower dieters to maintain better control over their food consumption and make healthier choices.

By curbing the desire to overeat or indulge in unhealthy snacks, appetite suppressants help you create that crucial calorie deficit.

Fat loss and metabolism support

Slimz Slimmer Fat Burn Capsules One-A-Day is specially formulated with TeaCrine™. Proven to ignite your metabolism, increase your energy levels and help accelerate your body’s natural fat burning power to reduce and maintain a healthy weight.

Slimz Slimmer Fat Burn Liquid is a thermogenic fat burning liquid with TeaCrine™. This powerful formulation to activate and keep your metabolism and energy levels optimal while reducing carbohydrate and fat uptake. This enables your body to remain in an optimal fat burning state throughout the day to lose more weight.

And the extensive Slimz Slim Cut range of fat-loss and metabolism support products includes:

Additional Slimz products available at Dis-Chem to support your lifestyle and aid weight loss include Slimming Tea, collagen, and a detox booster, among others.

Shop the Slimz range at your local Dis-Chem or online.