Biogen products will fuel the DHL Stormers and DHL Western Province rugby teams until 2027 after the leading South African supplement brand signed on as the Official Sports Nutrition Supplier to the coastal rugby franchise.

As the official sports nutrition supplier to Western Province Rugby, Biogen will provide the teams with a range of high-quality and Informed Sport-certified nutritional and hydration products as well as branded accessories to drive the association.

“We are excited to partner with Western Province Rugby, one of the most celebrated and iconic provincial franchises in global rugby,” says Brandon Fairweather, Brand Manager at Biogen South Africa.

“We value the loyalty, professionalism and depth of core values associated with Western Province Rugby, as this approach closely aligns with the Biogen brand ethos and positioning as an authentic sports and wellness company.”

Professional rugby is an immensely physically demanding sport. Players complete multiple training sessions a day, including intense weight training in the gym, with high-impact games every weekend.

Meeting these physical demands requires quality nutrition, which is why supplements have become such a great support to the base priorities of healthy food and training. This combination is now a critical part of the modern game, both on and off the field to support player performance during practice sessions and games, and to aid recovery.

DHL Stormers Head Coach John Dobson said that the new partnership with Biogen will be key to ensuring the players are at their best throughout an arduous campaign.

“We are delighted to have Biogen on board and look forward to taking our athletic performance to new levels. Biogen has some world-class products and support, which is so important in a high-performance environment ahead of what will be another long season,” said Dobson.

To help the players meet their nutritional demands, the DHL Stormers and DHL WP Rugby require a nutrition partner that offers a range of products that have well-grounded nutritional formulas with a performance benefit, and are free from banned substances.

“As a supplement brand that works with numerous elite athletes and sporting teams, including top-tier sports teams both locally and internationally, we have a stringent testing programme behind all Biogen products, with the goal of supplying safe and effective sports nutrition supplements,” affirms Fairweather.

The products that Biogen supplies to its sponsored athletes and sports teams are strictly limited to those tested by respected bodies such as LGC in the UK, which offers the best risk management and certification programme in the world, including the ground-breaking Informed Choice & Informed Sport programmes.

“To ensure the products we supply to the DHL Stormers and DHL WP Rugby are safe, Informed Sport tests every supplement batch before they are released,” explains Fairweather.

“Any products we supply that are not on either of the ongoing, aforementioned screening programmes are sent for custom testing before players are permitted to use them, with a certificate provided for every batch supplied.”

This stringent process ensures that players can use Biogen supplements with confidence to meet their nutritional needs.

“We believe that our industry-leading products, coupled with the work and effort we put into our partnerships delivers the best results, and we are excited to apply this winning formula at Western Province Rugby,” concludes Fairweather.

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