Switch Energy Drink, a trailblazer in the energy beverage industry, is thrilled to announce the launch of G-Force, a limited edition energy drink created through a groundbreaking collaboration with Biogen South Africa, a premium wellness brand renowned for its high-quality vitamin and supplement products.

The collaboration between these two iconic local brands has created this limited-edition energy drink that offers a unique fusion of energy and wellness.

Launched in early December 2023. G-Force symbolises the convergence of advanced energy technology and the holistic wellness approach championed by Biogen South Africa.

This exclusive collaboration underscores the commitment from both brands to delivering not only a powerful energy boost but a unique and invigorating beverage experience.

Limited Edition, Maximum Impact: Two Distinctive Flavours

G-Force will be available in two distinct and refreshing flavours: Redcurrant & Blueberry and Blood Orange.

Crafted with precision, these flavours aim to tantalise the taste buds while providing a refreshing and revitalising energy experience.

G-Force Redcurrant & Blueberry is a harmonious blend of tart redcurrant and succulent blueberry, promising a refreshing burst of flavour to accompany the energy boost.

G-Force Blood Orange is an enticing mix of zesty blood orange with a touch of sweetness, delivering a delightful taste experience alongside the invigorating effects of G-Force.

Excellence and Innovation

“Collaborating with Biogen South Africa on G-Force has been an exciting journey. As the project lead, I am proud to bring together the expertise of Switch Energy Drink in the energy sector and Biogen South Africa’s commitment to premium wellness,” stated Dean Vincent, National Key Accounts Manager at Switch Energy Drink.

“G-Force is not just a limited-edition drink; it’s a testament to our shared dedication to excellence and innovation. We believe it will resonate strongly with our audience, offering a dynamic fusion of energy and wellness in every sip.”

“We are thrilled about this synergy between two powerhouse South African brands. Switch’s explosion on to the SA energy scene has been impressive and quick, and their quality and depth of flavours made it a no-brainer to partner with this passionate and ambitious team,” shared Biogen South Africa Brand Manager, Brandon Fairweather.

“We share a common goal of providing high quality products to consumers and look forward to expanding on exciting partnership in future, so watch this space”.

Discover G-Force

G-Force will be available for purchase through select retail partners and wholesalers, including Dis-Chem Pharmacies and online at www.dischem.co.za and www.biogen.co.za.

Given the limited quantity produced, consumers are encouraged to secure their supply promptly to ensure they can indulge in this exclusive energy and wellness beverage.

Switch Energy Drink and Biogen South Africa are confident that G-Force will redefine expectations in the energy drink market, presenting a unique combination of cutting-edge technology, exceptional taste, and a wellness-focused approach that caters to consumers seeking a holistic beverage experience.