NPL Nitro Rush, an ultra-concentrated pre-workout liquid, is now available in a convenient sachet at your local Dis-Chem – no water or mixing required!

With rapid delivery and better absorption of the active ingredients from the premixed liquid, each serving boosts nitric oxide production to dilate blood vessels, increasing blood flow to working muscles during intense exercise for greater pumps and exercise performance.

Nitric Oxide is a key signalling molecule that acts as a potent vasodilator, which allows for increased blood flow to the working muscle during intense exercise and ultimately greater muscle pumps and exercise performance.

Added L-tyrosine helps to improve focus and mood. Available in a Cosmic Punch flavour.

Features and benefits:

  • Concentrated pre-workout liquid – rapid absorption.
  • Greater muscle pumps and exercise performance.
  • Convenient – no water needed.
  • L-tyrosine to improve focus and mood.