After entering the 2023 USN Body Makeover Challenge, personal trainer Estelle Hill discovered the power that the right mindset brings to a lifestyle transformation.

“The first step is to get your mind right. You need a complete mindset change. Know why you are starting this challenge, know why it is important to you, and know your goals,” she says.

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 Transformation-success-is-all-about-mindset,-says-USN-BMC-People's-Choice-Award-winner  Transformation-success-is-all-about-mindset,-says-USN-BMC-People's-Choice-Award-winner
That extra push

Despite working as a fitness professional and helping others achieve their goals, Estelle admits that it is not always easy to apply the same principles in her life and prioritise her health and fitness.

I entered the USN Body Makeover Challenge because I needed the extra push, the motivation and something to work towards to get me going again. I needed to feel good, fit, strong and happy with myself so that I could lead by example.”

Based on her experience, Estelle knows that the moment you make the decision to be healthier, fitter, stronger, leaner and happier, you create the fire within that will fuel your drive and commitment to succeed.

Estelle’s mindset reset helped her complete a transformation that earned her the female People’s Choice Award.

About Estelle

  • Weight before: 63kg
  • Weight after: 56kg
  • Waist before: 74cm
  • Waist after: 65cm
  • Instagram: EstelleHill_PT
  • Facebook: Estelle Du Toit Hill
  • Favourite product: USN All9 Amino