Try this delicious Nutella banana wrap bites recipe for a sweet sensation that will tantalise your sweet tooth and make your weekly treat worth waiting for!


NPL Collagen + Creamer is a delicious keto-friendly addition to your morning brew or favourite recipe to support your body and your brain with 2.5 g MCT and vitamin C per serving. Collagen helps to improve skin, hair and nail health.


  1. Mix the Nutella and NPL Collagen Creamer together.
  2. Spread evenly on tortilla wrap.
  3. Place banana on the tortilla and roll into a wrap.
  4. Spread Nutella on top side of folded wrap.
  5. Crush biscuits and place on top of the Nutella layer and drizzle with caramel sauce and Lifestyle Food Granola.
  6. Chop into pieces. Serve and enjoy!