South African fitness royalty, Mapule Ndhlovu (aka QueenFitnass) is one of the country’s top personal trainers and her highness is here to share her top tips to get your summer body plans in place after winter.

When it comes to fitness industry personalities and influencers, few compare to Mapule. With a backstory that speaks volumes about her determination, commitment and passion for the health and fitness industry, her experience and qualifications, and her infectious energy, positivity and perpetual smile, which she exudes on social media and in person, Mapule is the undeniable Queen of fitness in South Africa.

Mapule shares her top 5 tips to get back on track after winter:

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1. Define your goal

Some people want to improve their health while others are preparing for major life or sporting events like a wedding or running a marathon. Take time to assess your goals and set realistic targets. Just be realistic about what you achieve in the time you have available.

2. Do something, anything

If you don’t have time to get to gym, don’t blow off your exercise session. If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that digital works!

Training at home following online sessions can still deliver results. All you need is the right approach and discipline. Participating in online training can also be more cost-effective, which has made expert advice and guidance more accessible to more people.

3. Ramp up sensibly

Whether you prefer the weights room or the comfort of your home, Mapule cautions against jumping straight into your new workout regimen after time off during winter. It’s important to take a sensible approach and ease your way to back to intense training.

4. Stay consistent

Aim to do some form of activity every day, even it is just a walk around your garden or neighbourhood. Consistency is the key to success with any program. Do something every day to start rebuilding your fitness levels.

This is also the foundation on which you create new habits that will eventually make healthy living a lifestyle rather than a short-term approach. The systems we implement now will make it easier to get that beach body.

5. Eat mindfully

Comfort eating and a lack of exercise during the colder months means we typically gain weight during winter. We need to regain control of our impulse to eat. Identify your vices and work on being mindful of what and when you munch.

Often, those hunger pangs are psychological, rather than any physical need to nourish your body. But when you do reach for a meal or snack, make sure it’s healthy and waistline-friendly.