Known for fun in the mud, the Biogen-backed Glacier Storms River Traverse mountain biking stage race has built a reputation as a fiercely social stage race.

The routes are challenging enough to ensure a good workout but not so tough that they prevent post-ride shenanigans. It is also perfect for eBikes, with 30% of the 2023 field taking on the race with electric assistance.

Most importantly though, especially given its Women’s Month race date, it featured a field where 40% of the competitors for the eleventh edition were women.

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Girl pedal power

The women, fittingly, dominated the racing from the 11-13 of August. Anel Strampe was the fastest overall, crossing the line first on two of the three days. She was only bested on the final day, by Kobus Weyers, though Strampe had done enough on the preceding stages to take the overall title.

This feat was achieved on an eBike, though it does not detract from the impressiveness of her ride. Strampe also smiled her way around the 160 kilometres of the three-day route, clearly loving the speed which her eBike provided.

She was joined on the solo eBike Women’s podium by Petty van Wyk and Abigail Kitshoff, with the latter taking part with her husband.

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Pure leg power

The fastest riders on traditional bikes over the course of the long weekend were the women’s team winners, Yolande de Villiers and Stephanie Wohlters. The formidable pairing won the first two stages, before placing second to the young guns, Karla Stumpf and Kelsey van Schoor on Stage 3.

Stumpf and Van Schoor had to be content with third place on the overall standings however, after losing 33 minutes on stage 2 to a series of punctures and a broken valve core.

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More than just a ride

While some riders take it seriously and race for the best result possible, many are more concerned about stopping at water points to refuel with Biogen supplements and treats or taking photos.

Stages 1 and 2 both featured sections with ocean views and even points at which to stop to take photos. Stage 3 spent its entirety inland, but also included stretches in the pristine indigenous forest as well as traverses of the MTO Forestry pine plantations.

2023 Glacier Storms River Traverse General Classification Results

Solo eBike Women:

  1. Anel Strampe (5:52:35)
  2. Petty van Wyk (7:22:14 | +1:29:39)
  3. Abigail Kitshoff (9:30:41 | +3:38:05)

Solo eBike Men:

  1. Kobus Weyers (6:02:42)
  2. Jeremy Horner (6:15:13 | +12:30)
  3. Johann Steyn (6:20:49| +18:06)

Women’s Teams:

  1. Yolande en Steph: Steph Wohlters & Yolande de Villiers (7:18:34)
  2. Team Elements: Mandi Augustyn & Juanita Mackenzie (7:33:46 | +15:11)
  3. Team K&K: Karla Stumpf & Kelsey van Schoor (7:51:50 | +33:15)

Men’s Teams:

  1. Enjoy: Hardus van Rensburg & Gerhard Hatting (7:28:20)
  2. MTB Goats: Eckhard Visser & Paul Serrao (7:41:04 | +12:44)
  3. The Tootlers: Ryan Dean & Nicholas Hops (8:03:32 | +35:12)

Mixed Teams:

  1. Team Moerze: Martha Koekemoer & Pieter Kotze (7:37:38)
  2. Chemchamp Africa: Daniel Tenner & Biance Bekker (8:52:23| +1:14:45)
  3. The Sinclairs: Hermien & Keven Sinclair (9:49:29 | +2:11:51)

Solo Women:

  1. Elizma Kock (8:41:16)
  2. Liezel van Niekerk (9:21:14 | +39:57)
  3. Karike Human (10:28:35 | +1:47:18)

Solo Men:

  1. Albert du Toit (7:30:52)
  2. Lourie Nel (7:34:04| +03:12)
  3. Ludwig Lillie (7:35:47 | +04:55)

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