Months of hard training will culminate in one of the biggest one-day cycle events on Sunday, 19 November, at the Virgin Active 947 Ride Joburg.

While preparation is the key to a successful performance, every well-trained body needs fuel to perform to its full potential on race day.

Investing time to create and refine your race-day fuelling strategy is essential to achieve your goals. Follow these tips to power your way through the streets of Johannesburg all the way to the finish line.

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#1. Start with a full tank

The early start to get to the venue means you may decide to skip breakfast. However, it’s vital to eat something when you wake up.

A balanced breakfast rich in complex carbohydrates such as oatmeal, whole grain toast, or quinoa will replenish glycogen stores to provide sustained energy throughout the race.

Include lean protein sources like eggs, Greek yoghurt, or a Biogen Iso-Whey or Plant Based Protein shake (select the one that best suits your taste preferences and tolerability) to support muscle maintenance during the race.

Kick off your morning with a Biogen Electrolyte Plus tab to start your hydration early.

#2. Top up before the start

Depending on your start time, you could wait minutes to hours before getting underway. It is advisable to top up your energy stores if a few hours have past since breakfast.

Pack an extra Biogen Energy Oats or Nougat bar to snack on while waiting in the start pen. An extra small water bottle that contains Biogen Carbogen Low GI Carbo Loader is another great option to sip on before the start to keep glycogen levels topped up. Aim to eat it 10 minutes before your start.

#3. Eat early and often

Once out n the route, start to eat and drink early – within the first hour – and often to ensure you don’t fall into an energy deficit. Aim is to ingest around 60-90g of carbs per hour, roughly 240-360 calories. This figure will vary based on numerous factors, such as effort, digestibility, palatability and tolerance.

A combination of solid and liquid energy sources is the ideal approach to meet your energy requires. This can include whole foods that won’t upset your digestive system and various supplements for convenience and a more precise calorie intake.

Clock feeding according to a set schedule is a good idea as it provides specific guidelines on when and exactly how much to eat or drink.

Drip feeding every 20-30 minutes helps keep energy levels stable and can support better absorption, especially later in the race when digestive system function is compromised.

Ideal on-the-bike supplements include Biogen Cytogen Race Mix in your bottles and a mix of Real Fruit Energy Gels, Liquid Energy Gels, and Energy Oats and Nougat bars in your pockets and pouches to provide immediate energy to fuel your efforts and help to top up diminishing glycogen stores.

Check out the new Biogen Energy Nougat Bar Bite Size variety pack for easy to eat compact bite-sized servings for the perfect on-the-bike endurance snack for the event.

#4. Stay hydrated

If you have a later start time and are out on the route into the late afternoon, consider carrying a few extra Biogen Electrolyte Plus tabs to rehydrate as temperatures rise and your sweat rate increases to keep you cool.

#5. Start the recovery early

Once you’ve triumphantly crossed the finish line, toast your success with a tasty shake to support recovery. A product like new Biogen Pure Recovery combines rapidly-digested carbs and protein with maltodextrin and whey.

This multi-sport recovery drink gives your body what it needs after a hard race effort with a blend of 31 g of carbohydrates to replenish glycogen stores and 13 g of protein to support muscle repair.

Carrying a convenient Biogen Recovergen Post Workout Sachet with you is a smart way to get all the nutrition you need after the race to mend and rebuild muscle while replenishing energy stores as soon as possible.

Remember to personalise your race day fuelling strategy based on your preferences, energy demands and experience level. With these tips and the comprehensive range of Biogen endurance products, you’re ready to fuel every pedal strike on your way to a successful and enjoyable ride!