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The USN BCAA 12:1:1 Stim Free – 315g / Assorted is brought to you by Dis-Chem Living Fit (A division of Dis-Chem Pharmacies).

USN BCAA 12:1:1 Stim Free – 315g / Assorted

USN BCAA 12:1:1 Stim Free – 315g / Assorted

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USN BCAA 12:1:1 Stim Free is a zero-sugar, zero-sodium, stimulant-free refreshing BCAA drink with a super-ratio of 12:1:1. Leucine, contributing to the factor of 12 in the ratio, aid in muscle protein synthesis resulting in intense performance and lean muscle building and maintenance. Glutamine has been added to BCAA 12:1:1 to aid in muscle recovery and protection. BCAA is designed to help you perform better and for longer, increase lean muscle mass and recover faster.The Sour Cherry Rascals flavour is not Halaal certified.

  • Enhances muscle performance and endurance.
  • Increases lean muscle mass.
  • Increases recovery speed.
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DOSAGE: Mix ±2 scoops (10,5 g) with 400-450 ml water in a handheld shaker, and leave to stand for 30 seconds before drinking. Sip before and during a training session. If you had a strenuous training session, take another serving immediately after training.

*Do not exceed the recommended dosage.
*Store in a cool, dry place.
*Keep out of reach of children