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The Lifestyle Food Gluten Free Rice Flour – 500g is brought to you by Dis-Chem Living Fit (A division of Dis-Chem Pharmacies).

Lifestyle Food Gluten Free Rice Flour – 500g

Lifestyle Food Gluten Free Rice Flour – 500g

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Lifestyle Food Gluten Free Rice Flour is your ideal substitute for wheat flour. Milled to perfection with pure white rice, this gluten free flour is a staple for both traditional and modern cooking, offering a world of possibilities for creating delectable dishes for individuals with gluten sensitivities or those seeking diverse, gluten-free alternatives in their diet.

This rice flour boasts a light, neutral flavour profile with a fine texture, ensuring a smooth and consistent blend into all sorts of recipes. It’s a canvas for both sweet and savoury dishes, providing a foundation for your culinary creativity.

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SUGGESTED USE: (Gluten-Free Baking): Replace wheat flour with rice flour in your baking recipes to create gluten-free versions of bread, cakes, cookies, and more. Its light texture contributes to the perfect crumb in your baked goods. (Asian-Inspired Noodles & Dumplings): Craft gluten-free noodles, dumplings, or wrappers by incorporating rice flour into your dough. Its pliable texture makes it ideal for traditional Asian recipes, ensuring authenticity without gluten. (Crispy Coatings & Breading): Use rice flour as a coating for frying or breading for a gluten-free and crispy finish. Whether coating vegetables or proteins, rice flour adds a delightful crunch to your dishes. (Thickening Agent for Sauces): Add rice flour as a thickening agent to sauces and gravies. Its fine texture ensures a smooth consistency, offering a gluten-free alternative for achieving the desired thickness in your culinary creations.

ALLERGENS: None. This product has been packed in a facility that uses nuts, sesame and sunflower seeds.

*Store in a cool, dry place.
*Seal the bag once opened.

INGREDIENTS: White Rice Flour (100 %).

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